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Optical Fiber Cable

ADSS Cable

OPGW Cable

Outdoor Optic Cable

Direct Burial Optic Cable

FTTH Cable


Fusion Splicer and Fiber Cleav

Solar Cable and Connector

Splice Box

DL-01 splice Box

DL-02 splice Box

DL-03 splice Box

Optical Fiber Patch Cords

FC Fiber Optic Patch Cords

LC Fiber Optic Patch Cords

SC Fiber Optic Patch Cords

ST Fiber Optic Patch Cords

Coaxial Cable

Trunk and Distribution Cable




Connector and Tool

RG6 and RG11 Connector

Cable 500/540 Connector

Connector and tool

Hardware Products

Link Wire

Link Wire Deadend

Quickvise Fencing


Automatic Splice

Automatic Deadend

Guystrand Splice

Guystrand Deadend

Lan Cable

FTP CABT5e with messenger

UTP CAT5e Outdoor

UTP CAT 5e Cable

UTP CAT 6 Cable


12AWG High Strand Audio

14AWG High Strand Audio

16AWG High Strand Audio

18AWG High Strand Audio

22AWG High Strand Audio

ADSS Cable Fitting Products

Preformed Tension Clamp

Preformed Suspension Clamp

Rubber Down Lead Clamp For Tow

Vibration Damper

Fire Alarm

14AWG Fire Alarm

16AWG Fire Alarm

18AWG Fire Alarm

EV Charging cable

EV Charging cable

Solar Cable and Connector

Solar Cable and Connector

Power Cables


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Electrotechnical vocabulary

无镀层导体:plain conductor

金属镀层导体:metal coated conductor

镀锡导体:tinned conductor

金属包覆导体:metal-clad conductor

实心导体:solid conductor


绞合导体:stranded conductor


圆形同心绞合导体:concentrically stranded circular conductor

束合导体:bunched conductor

复绞导体:multiple stranded conductor

软导体:flexible conductor

成型导体:shaped conductor

扇形导体:sector shaped conductor

紧压导体:compacted conductor

分割导体:milliken conductor

空心导体:hollow conductor

铜皮导体:tinsel conductor

同心股线:concentric strand

束合股线:bunched strand

同心中性导体:concentric neutral conductor